Reiki Rocks!

I did my first Reiki session using a rock as a helper.

Mom was having intense lower back pain and said she felt as if there were black globs of stuff inside her that if she could get out, her pain would go with them. (She was speaking of energetic globs.)

I needed something to draw the energy out of her back; it wouldn’t move sufficiently just using my hands.

I used a fairly large, comfortable rock on her back and pulled the energy from her back into the stone with both hands in Reiki position over the stone.

When I started to feel the stone pulse, she said she had some relief from at least some of the pain, but she said there were two globs that didn’t want to come out. We will respect the wisdom of her body and wait for the right time to remove the other globs.

I thanked the stone for its help and I am leaving it in the sun today to clear the energy.

It seems like the rock has life. Whoever thinks rocks are dull, inanimate objects have never experienced the …IDK, hidden? energy of rocks. They are truly helpers worthy of my respect and gratitude.

Man, Reiki rocks!

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