Horse Lady, Spirit Guide

I met Wendy through metaphysical discussion groups that met at her house, way out in the country where the sky is truly black at night. I don’t think I really believed in stars till I saw the ones that hung over her house. I was 12 and easily mystified.

I was not easily mystified because I was 12; I was primed for that sort of thing by birth. I am a mystical fish, a Pisces with a life path number of 11 and the master number 22. I was bound to be the way I am.

And that is why I believe Wendy was destined to be my Spirit Guide.

When most people hear the word Spirit Guide they think of a guide from another realm, from the spirit world. But I don’t mean it exactly that way. Well, I do, but not entirely.

See, Wendy is 100% real and in this world. She owns and operates Abrazos Adventures, a horse ranch on the outskirts of Portales, New Mexico. She is a down to earth cowgirl, as gritty as they come.

And when I say down to earth, I mean way, way down, down to the subatomic particles in fact. Wendy doesn’t just take matter at face value, but delves into the energy of a thing; she observes the energetic reactions of her horses, her students, her environment, herself, everything. She watches the interactions and learns from each situation how to move from grace to grace, even if the “grace” looks like a major problem before it looks like anything positive.

Well, I am not one of her riding students, but she has been my teacher all these years. Our lives have been linked throughout. Sometimes we were further apart than others; our trajectory resembles a strand of DNA and together we are just beginning to see what is growing out of our lifelong friendship.

One thing I am learning from Wendy is that everyone needs a Wendy! A Guru. A Horse Lady. A Teacher. A Mentor. A Counselor. A Librarian. An Editor. An Energy Healer. A Friend. An Accountability Coach.

I fell in love with Paramahansa Yogananda when I saw his autobiography on her bookshelf. That is when I knew I needed and wanted a guru more than anything in the world.

I spent years and years waiting for one, searching for one and giving up finding one.

I realized there were little gurus all around and within, but I still craved a leader.

Wendy agreed to be my accountability coach. She said she wanted to hear from me every night. She WANTED to hear from me every night to see how I had used my energy to make it a good day. She wanted to know what kinds of things I had been able to do to contribute to my own happiness and to the happiness of the world.

That made me feel so well loved and so cared for, and capable of doing something good in the world.

Little by little I started coming into my own power. (By my own power, I mean I started knowing how to let my higher power work through me.) I started moving from the darkness of helplessness to behaving in a way that made me and the people around me feel lighter and happier.

And that is what a guru does, leads you from darkness to light.

So I think it is natural to long for a guru and it is also natural to be a guru for someone. Maybe someday, if I continue to grow, I can be a spirit guide for another person.

I am just grateful that I found my own, flesh and blood guru. That she was right here in my own hometown. I still have so much to learn from her.

Thank you, Wendy.

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