Astride the Red Beast!

Yes. I am learning to master the riding lawn mower. It was terrifying to feel that beast lurch forward, knowing that Reiki Jane, my trusty canine was only a bone’s throw away.

I told mom, “Make Jane go inside; I have no control!” But mom said

“She’s alright. She has control. She won’t get too close while that thing’s running.”

And mom was right.

I practiced riding around the back yard. Pretty soon I was doing circles around the tree and some other obstacles in the impromptu course.

Janie stayed several feet away but ran right along with me having a great time picking up sticks and watching out for wandering wildebeesties.

Mom walked alongside me too. (So what if I didn’t go fast?)

Mom instructed me to go around the irises but I protested because a stuffed rabbit was lying helpless in the path.

Without being told, Janie dashed to the rabbit’s rescue and stowed the helpless creature where it would be safe under the iris. (That dog never ceases to amaze me.)

I got so comfortable astride the Red Beast that I let go and used one hand to wave mom.

“Hi, mom! I’m doing it!”

Today I will actually lower the blades and cut grass. Shivers.

My confidence just ran and hid under the covers. That’s okay. We have a couple of hours before daylight.

I will chant and pray for strength and courage.

No, seriously, that’s what I need to do. I’m skeered.

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