I Offer It Up, as they say.

I woke up..no, I got up after being awake for hours. My eyes hurt from crying so much yesterday and I’m grumpy.

So the first thing I had to do was to pull some kind of yucky creature off my dog. I don’t know what it was, but it looked like something from outer space and was driving her mad with itchiness.

Then I went to get my coffee cup and mom said, “There’s a dead bird in the yard.”

But it wasn’t completely dead. omg

I couldn’t give it a quicker death…. But I felt so sad watching its last moments. All I could do was pray. I covered him with a blanket and put the little red wagon over him so the cats wouldn’t disturb him.

I pray for his transition.

Then I came in and tried to get that coffee when Jane promptly threw up. So, there was vomit to dispose of.

All this before coffee!

Finally, with coffee in hand, I called my bank to dispute a claim and secure my card since some unknown person seems to be using my bank card.

THEN during the lady’s closing, scripted spiel, I remembered that I might have actually made that purchase, though I am not 100% sure. Yes I am. I did it and now I have to call the bank and say, “Opps.”

Okay! I give it up. I offer this prayer of gratitude for the opportunity to work out this karma, or to be of service to God’s creatures in spite of myself.

I let go with love, for love.

Then mom comes in with a bowl of Dawn dish soapy water and a towel. “We have to give her bath.” She said. “Come own, Jane.” (That is not a typo, she really does say, Own—Come own, and the animals respond.)

Now, may I have a cup of coffee?

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