Everything Sings

Mermaid and Dragon

there was a mermaid in town walking round in pink boots
met a tangerine dragon in the sky so blue
he was singin a chalisa and she liked what she heard
she said hey dragon may I have a word with you
see I wrote a little song for someone I admirebut I got no pizazz, I got no fire; if you help me sing it, it could be alright;
it could be a presentable, audible delight.So dragon listened and gave it some thought, then he said, Mermaid, you know what?
You got the ocean of love in your wavy ole song;  just open your heart, girl, and sing it out strong.
Who needs pizzaz when your song has heart? If you can be you, your song will ring true.If your song rings true. Your music will heal a  broken heart.
Well, what dragon said went right to her head and like any fish with a little ego glitch might do–she fell in love with the dragon,, oo come on! You’d have done it too!Well, of course, it wasn’t love, but she needed his approval and felt like she would disappear if he wasn’t dazzled by her.
So before Mermaid knew what to do with herself she was head over tails, chakras spinning off the rails…that’s when she got an idea.She said We could ride a magic carpet with miracles and holy mantrasand we could bring along ice cream tea and surprises to delight our senses and every day is a mystery and there are wonders to be marveled at all along the way, now tell me dragon, what would be wrong with that?
But before he could answer He was pulled toward the moon as Mermaid was pulled toward the sea,she was already three leagues under and didn’t hear him say, “Hey,  I’ll be back soon.”So she cried till the water was salty as could be and that is why there’s salt in the sea.
She bothered all the sangha with lots of wordy drama, “What if, what if what if i could be a little less  me?”
And when the weeping was over, stunned as she was, Mermaid knew that a new era had just begun.
Dragon had left the moon by then to go hang out with his guru and go for a swim.So Mermaid sat on a rock in  the sun.  a song hung there in the crystal air….and, thank goodness! She began to have an idea.
She thought, I could ride magic carpets, have miracles and chant holy mantras and I can still drink ice cream tea and have sunshine sandwiches if I like.
Dragons have the moon and mermaids have the sea, birds have the trees and everything, everything, everything sings.

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