My Mind is a Rabbit

Running all over the white page.

If only I could be as still and quiet as snow

Maybe then I’d know where and how to begin the Great Work I feel I ought to undertake.

The piles of rubble from one attempt after another hem me in so it seems all I can do is wait for a strong wind to shake things up, to change the landscape.

The castle walls have crumbled. Thank goodness!

See? A dandelion grows up through the cracked bricks and a bee, sipping her morning tea sees me watching and is not disturbed.

She is surely a teacher using metaphor and nectar to drive home the point that too much planning brings a kingdom to its knees.

The dandelion, a weed with many medicinal properties sways by the weight of the bee’s tiny feet.

Wild beauty grew when I let the walls fall down

And it’s turned out to be the most valuable thing.

1 thought on “My Mind is a Rabbit”

  1. Lovely! The words I am using for centering prayer these days include “spaciousness” and “stillness.” You seem to have found the same with your sweet bees and dandelions!
    Blessings, dear one!

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