Two Snakes, Two Dogs

Getting onto the floor to lie on my belly is difficult after ten years of anger towards yoga and a knee replacement.

Now it s time to roll out the mat again.

A yoga teacher once said that what we gain in yoga we never lose. She said we may have to pull the benefits out of the closet and brush them off if we stop using them, but they never go away, not the core value of each pose anyway.

So I want to develop a routine, because that is what I miss the most about yoga.

Getting up early every morning to stand in Mountain Pose and begin.

Satichananda said that it is better to read one book on yoga and really understand it than it is to read volumes and not absorb the message. I think the same goes for poses.

I am motivated by my muscle memory of how good it feels to stretch.

I am approaching practice with a totally different attitude than I had before.

Instead of feeling like I have to fight for or earn the light, I am just eager to know it’s there.

I only need to appreciate the divinity that is already shining, right in the middle of all the muck.

My self is dissolving.

What if I could trust that love will lead me to do whatever I need to do.

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