Come To My Senses

I am choosing to get out of my head and come back to my senses.

What are my senses telling me? What messages are overrided because I think I already know all there is to know about a thing, or even about myself?

Of course I can’t dismiss the cranial processing of what my senses gather, but very often there is a short circuit between what I see, feel, smell, touch, and taste and what I think about the information and experiences I gather from my interactions with the environment.

So, today, at least for a little while I am going to come to my senses with an open mind and let curiosity rather than expediency guide the interpretations of all the sensory data I gather as I go about my day.

For example, right now there is cramping in my thighs because I’ve been sitting in a awkward, toes curled under position while I write. I’m wondering if a nice stretch is in order before I charge off to a new task. And my coffee tastes as good as it smelled while it was brewing; I think I’ll have another cup.

What will my day be like with fully engaged senses?

What sense will I make of it all?

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