Facing the Unknown

For Lewis

Hondo is a place in New Mexico where apples grow in crisp mountain air and yellow and gold Aspen coruscate in the clean, bright light of early Fall.

At the end of summer we would all pile into grandpa’s Chevy Nova and head to a cabin in Hondo. It had a tin roof that made music when it rained.

I rode in the back, on the floor with my head tucked down because I was worried that there would be nothing but air on the other side when we travelled to the top of a hill. In the pit of my stomach I just knew that we would all plunge to our deaths from the pinnacled summit.

Eventually I found the courage to stand up and peer over grandpa’s shoulder as he drove. (I was little enough to do that and car seats had not been invented.)

Over one hill after another, the road always rose up to meet us and the car never dropped off the edge of the world.

I’m trying to muster that same courage to look ahead when I face the unknown to this day.

There is no guarantee that I won’t fall, but experience has proved over and over that what is on the other side can be sweeter than I ever imagined.

It’s ok if I have to hunker down until I’m brave enough to look, but I’ve always been rewarded when I do.

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