It’s All Soup

I wrote this for the energy medicine group to help us get to know each other better.

A recipie uses different ingredients prepared in different ways to produce a meal with certain flavors and nutritional value.

In the same way, there have been influences that shape the way I see and interact with others and with my environment.

These have been the most influential:

Buddhism: the Noble 8 Fold Path that I aspire to for clear perspective, clear thinking, speech, action, diligence, livelihood, concentration, and mindfulness.

Christianity: Teaches me to love everyone, even my enemies and that the source of love loves me back. Also teaches me how to hope and believe in goodness.

Hinduism: it’s teaching me to call for help from powers beyond my own and to trust that things will work out.

Kundalini Yoga: It has proven to be a very effective tool, especially with its use of mantra, mudra, and breathwork. It shows me how to be aware of energy in my body–especially the dance between matter and energy.

Hatha Yoga: is something I started learning when I was twelve. It’s most appealing promise (to me) is that there is opportunity for the individual to be in union with The Great All.

Reiki: I use reiki for healing mind-body-spirit and for getting things that are stuck, unstuck and for moving heavy objects. Seriously, I’ve used reiki to loosen frozen bolts and scoot refrigerators and washer, dryer combos.

Science: is the way spiritual understanding says to the world at large, “See, I told ya so.”

I’m probably forgetting something…

Oh yeah, Art! Making and enjoying art in any of its forms is as necessary as salt.

And Psychology, but that falls under the science category.

When all these different influences marry and steep, voila! I am soup.

What’s in your soup?

What is on your shopping list for the next batch?

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