Splashing Duck Girl

I was just doing an exercise to help me discover what my life’s highest purpose might be. The first thing that popped into my awareness was the memory of the splashing duck that got me into a little trouble in second grade.

We, (the class) were working on some kind of workbook and I saw a picture of a big yellow duck who was wearing a yellow raincoat with matching boots. He was splashing through a very blue puddle. He looked so happy. So cheerful. And the picture made me feel happy too.

I elbowed my friend who was sitting next to me and pointed to the duck in his workbook. We both laughed.

The teacher was not pleased. She came right over and separated me from my friend and accused us of cheating.

I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong and in my heart I cancelled all the negative stuff she was spewing about how we were cheating.

Something solidified in my soul that day. I felt determined to always share pictures of splashing ducks or anything that was joyful, anything that stretched the imagination in such a delightful way. Splashing Duck Girl was born right there is that sunny, second grade classroom

And today I realize that that is still one of my purposes in this life–to notice and share the little things that make this life joyful and fun.

Hail! Hail! Splashing ducks. Onward ho!

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