Stray Cat

For Ron and Joann—

I’m not sure when it started to happen,

but at some point, we grew apart.

I’m not saying we are less fond of one another–

quite the contrary.

I think I love you more now that I have nothing to gain

and no reason to charm you.

It does hurt a little to think

that I am no longer part of your intimate circle.

But I never belonged there—

I was an intruder.

It was a delusion to pretend otherwise.

But you carved a niche for me.

You built a partition so I could have space to do Sun Salutations.

I was so lost I thought it was home.

I neglected the ones who needed me more than ever

and the scars they bear are deep.

I blame my selfishness

and wish with every fiber of my being that I could repair the damage.

Maybe I can.


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