Silence Is Juicy

I wonder if I could write less and say more, or say less because what I say holds more meaning.

Sometimes I just like to play with words, mold them and mix item all up like wet clay to see what kind of pottery it all has in it.

But this time of year I crave more silence. Not complete silence, obviously, but more than usual. I crave something more like a poem and less like an essay.

To see a plowed field,

Or the fruit tree by the gate:

One brown leaf, one pear.


Tree Talk

Welcome to Tree Talk.

This tree (which is an uncut post if you think about it, seriously lol) is going to show up now and then and invite you to share your thoughts. I just want to listen to you. Tell me about your day, your dreams, anything.

Or you can open a window wherever you are and just relax, listen to the wind in the leaves if you are near a tree, feel the breeze. My prayers will be with you.

This is a time out. Quiet. Peace and quiet. Right here, right now, there is time enough for this.