Sure Was Long

That’s what she said.

Ok. This is no joking matter! I worked on a blog post this morning and yes, it was pretty awful. But I could have fixed it. It was self serving, sort of, but not really. It only seemed that way at first glance, like a lot of my stuff. I write about myself because that is all I know. I am not an expert at anything else. So I use myself, usually as the bad example. Then I show how I have learned from my …experiences.

Which is what I am doing now.

I read the (now deleted) post to mom, who had encouraged me to share the Boa Constrictor Story in the first place and all she said was, “It sure was long.”

So. Back to the drawing board. But not till I kick a few cans down the road and feel just a wee bit sorry for myself.

2 thoughts on “Sure Was Long”

  1. Stop judging yourself! Did you read my comment? Why must you trust your mom’s response?

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