Songs That Can’t Be Sung To Anyone

King David, there are songs

in my own heart that need to be sung

and I can’t sing them to anyone.

Strains the tree trunks make

when it’s quiet enough to hear,

and Cottonwood leaves and branches that abandon their music

to the changing forces of time and weather-

these are my teachers as much as you.

Dogs barking on either side of my house, somewhere in the distance,

communicating all the goings on of their people, or who knows what dogs talk about!

Birds calling out what they will each bring to supper.

Wind chimes in the window, fairly constant. subtle ting-ting-ting.

Traffic humming like a rolling ocean,

and I’m the one holding the shore. 

These waves of

wordless language

assure me

that what I thought I needed to sing

already resounds,

and only needs my quiet

and appreciative listening.

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